Game Night, Anyone?

Poker Sets
WWW.pokerchipstacks.com is an online service providing a wide variety of quality gaming items perfect for your game night.  Whether you are furnishing your game room or looking for something more portable, pokerchipstacks.com is sure to have what you're looking for.  If you are a regular gamer who enjoys all kinds of card playing, the thrill of bluffing, and the rush of the straight flush, there is something here for you.  For either the boy's night out or the girls' weekly neighborhood game, if you enjoy b bgame night you are sure to find poker sets or a blackjack table that will suit your purposes.  You will also find some unique and novel gifts that are suitable for birthdays or any holiday.  As a party host, you can be proud of the look, feel, and quality of these products and can rest assured that your guests will enjoy a unique party experience.

Why Our Products Are Unique, Like Our Blackjack Table

Pokerchipstacks.com has a wide variety of poker sets to suit every need and taste.  We also carry a variety of gaming tables that are elegant and that will add the perfect addition to your game room or can be portable and easily folded away and stored.  In addition, we carry some unique novelty items and signs that make perfect gifts for Father's Day, Christmas, weddings or birthdays.

Some features of our poker sets include:

  • Complete sets that include a custom carrying case 
  • Sets made of vinyl, acrylic, aluminum, mahogany, or oak
  •  High quality chips that can be made with metal inserts or of heavy metals to ensure a long-lasting product
  •  All chips are casino-sized and weigh between  11.5 - 14 grams 
  • Complete poker sets include anywhere between 100 - 1000 chips, 2 decks of cards, and 5 dice

To add to your awesome gaming experience we also carry portable or stationary blackjack tables , poker tables, craps tables, and roulette tables.  Stationary poker tables come in your choice of green, blue, red, or fuchsia and are detailed with chrome and marble supports.  These tables are available with or without the dealer position and they feature a smooth felt covering, a footrest, and a faux leather padded armrest.  Or you may elect to purchase a folding poker table for the added convenience of a table that can be made compact for when it needs to be stored or transported.  We also have a quality tabletop combination poker and blackjack table that is lightweight and comes with a heavy-duty black nylon carrying case with handles.  This blackjack tabletop unit will fit nicely in the trunk of your car for those game nights at a friend's house. 

Why Purchase From Pokerchipstacks.com?

When you buy gambling products from Pokerchipstacks.com, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality gaming products available.  Our poker sets are well-made from a variety of quality materials and you can customize your poker chips according to your taste. Our poker and blackjack tables are designed for comfort and to provide you and your friends with a memorable gaming experience. 

We offer a 30-day return policy as well as reasonable shipping rates.  We also want you to know that every transaction on our site is 100% secure, so you can buy from us online with complete confidence that your information will not fall into the hands of anyone else.  Also, it will be a comfort to know that you are buying from a fellow card player who understands and appreciates how important the quality of gaming materials is to an enjoyable gambling experience. 

At Pokerchipstacks.com customer service is a very high priority for us, and we want you to be able to enjoy your gaming tables and poker sets for a lifetime, using them to create memories, make new friendships, strengthen old ones, and have the best time possible playing the games you love.

Who Is Pokerchipstacks.com?

Blackjack Table

Ken Threet is the co-owner of Stygian Hour, the parent company of pokerchipstacks.com.  At a very early age he learned the game of poker, and its many variations, from his father, and he believes that he also learned some very valuable life skills from the game.  Kenny Rogers even wrote a song about the valuable lessons that can be learned from the game of poker. For example, how and why to bluff, how and when to take risks, and how to "make lemonade out of lemons" are just a few of the lessons that the game of poker can teach you.  Ken chose to sell poker and casino items in hopes of passing on some of these lessons to others and helping them enjoy the game, share fun experiences with friends, and build memories.  He says, "There is an ambiance enjoyed by gamblers; the look of the table, cards, and chips are important factors.  I choose to sell items I believe can make home entertainment a more wholesome and memorable experience." 

Offering Competitive Pricing on Poker Sets

Pokerchipstacks.com works hard to keep prices competitive while still providing excellent customer service and offering the highest quality products.  Poker sets are reasonably priced, with all prices depending on the materials used.  Poker and blackjack tables range from $33.67 for a folding tabletop to $3,999 for a deluxe full-sized poker table.  The deluxe tables are designed with a marked dealer position.  Each table features your choice of colored felt, Hold 'Em table markings, a padded arm rest, and beautiful chrome or marble supports.

Pokerchipstacks.com knows that there is camaraderie and a long tradition of story telling among gamblers and card players giving the "fish tale" a run for its money.  Everyone likes to tell the story of the best hand they ever played or the best bluff they ever pulled off.  Whatever your story, you can tell it to a group of perceptive and appreciative gamblers like yourself at pokerchipstacks.com as well as at pokerchipstacksblog.com, our blog site.  We want you to visit our site for the entertainment as well as the prices and unbeatable quality.

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